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Awaken The Bitch

Embrace the Cringe

Play as Orokana Meinu, a young woman who isn't motivated to do anything with her life but is forced to by the player to seek out purpose in her life. Will she give up completely? Crawl her way through to find the ominous end of her world? Find great colleagues or a romantic lover? Help an oppressed race of people find their place in the world? Denounce her past ways and purge the evil from the land? Or perhaps, stay true with her destiny, and take the Path of the Bitch? That is for you to decide, as she is literally incapable of making any decisions for herself!

  • Every choice you make has an effect on the game; allying yourself to one person or group may make you hostile to another!
  • Actions you preform will change the ending and even unlocking certain undesirable and beneficial paths; there are five main endings, each with their own variations!
  • Secrets and easter-eggs await in many corners; exploring and interaction with the world is useful not only to progress certain story-lines, but also to get gold or loot!
  • A mix of serious moments and silly gags; a plethora of satire and sarcastic humor guaranteed to trigger the sensitive modern audience!

Don't believe this is the worlds greatest game? Check out these testimonials!

"No comment."

-A friend



"Literally the best game I've ever played. Absolutely recommended to play, Game of the Lifetime."

-Someone who is definitely not the creator of this game

DISCLAIMER: This game is incredibly low-brow and unrefined to the point that those of inflated intellect and elegance shall discover engagement engenders acute contortions of their cerebrum first inducting conniptions, then a crescendo of ruptures of lunacy in a cacophony of utter insanity, and lastly an intense tidal rush of lamentation upon your own decisions made in this corporeal realm of existence that led you to this point. If this should occur, you have my deepest apologies for subjecting you to such cruelties to your grand and sophisticated mind. But no, forreal, don't take it too seriously, you know? I honestly just am typing stuff here to make this look much more filled out and official, not like anyone reads this stuff.


BETA! You may find bugs and problems here and there. While this game is discontinued, I will do what I can to resurrect it if people have any interest in it.

I am creating a a sort of sequel/spiritual successor/remastered version/whatever of this game that will overall be a better experience.

Install instructions

Simply run the Bitchquest executable. Windows may give a warning about it being an executable file, in which you can just allow it to run. Otherwise, just select the folder you wish to install it in, and it should unpack automatically. Once it's unpacked, open up the game folder and run Game.exe. Standard RPGMaker practice.

Please read the 'README.txt' before launching the game, especially if you're on Windows 10.


BitchQuest.3.exe 665 MB

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